To have or not to have

Dog…I’m talking about dog ownership.   You all know we acquired Vera this past August.   She’s a beautiful dog.  She’s an energetic dog.   We are old.   Sigh.

We are limited in how much we can travel because of the dog.  Although we have found a wonderful kennel, it’s expensive.  This adds considerably to the already high cost of travel.   Sigh again.

Someone has to scoop poop, feed, water, brush, and pick up after the dog.   Sigh, sigh, sigh.

On the other hand,  no one loves like a dog.  And she’s funny, gets excited by her silly squeaky toys, by me putting my shoes on…’oh, boy, I’m gonna get a walk!’    Vera has pretty much rabbit-proofed the yard, and she doesn’t shed much, being short-haired.   And then there’s that ‘we’re more of a family with a dog’ feeling.

Can you tell I’m weighing this out in my mind?   LOL

But look at this face:


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